We DDC MAKINE SAN. DIS TICARET LTD. STI. - DDC MACHINE AND DDC TRADE - founded in Izmir, Turkey in 2016 bringing the experience and know-how of years together produce high quality shoe and slipper sole production pu injection machines. Since today's world changing rapidly, we not only produce but also streamline and customize our machine according to the customers' needs.

Our manufacturing facility and headquarters is in IZMIR, Turkey. We have contact office in Istanbul, Turkey as well since Istanbul is considered as the financial capital of Turkey.


Our goal is simply to be the best. To achieve that Our company policy is future-oriented. Our specialized team do the best but also heed the customers' remarks and design the best. We keep supporting you just after sales as well with our technical service. Thanks to our win-win policy, customers are our business partners.


Our secret is hidden in our motto;